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Cashback FAQs

What is the Lapasa cashback program?

Lapasa cash back is for the Amazon customers of Lapasa who may get cashback by using their Amazon Order ID to register on


How to join the LAPASA cashback program?

You may need to be a Lapasa 's Amazon customer firstly with one or more Amazon Order ID Then please go to to join in.


How much cashback I will get at once?

It is random and up to $10 every time.


What currency will you cashback?

We only cashback USD via PayPal or Venmo.


How long the cash will be credited to my account?

Cashback will be in your account within 2 working days.


How many times can I join the cashback program?

Every one Amazon Order ID can only be used once and you can multiply join the cashback as long as you have one more valid Amazon Order ID. 


How long is the code valid?

The promo code is valid within 30days


May I use the code to shop with all LAPASA's Items on

Yes,you will be allowed to use the code to purchase all the Lapasa items on our website at a valid time.


How many times I can use the promo code?

You will be allowed to use the code multiple times.


How to contact the LAPASA team for any issue?

Contact us:

We will give you a response as soon as possible, usually, it takes 12 working hours.


I wrote down the wrong cashback account, how to correct it?

If you verified your Amazon order ID, please contact us ( and provide your correct account.

We will re-edit your account for you as soon as possible and inform you via email.

If you did not verify your Amazon order ID, please go back to the previous step page and re-edit your account.


May I join the cashback program if I don't have PayPal or Venmo account?

We only cashback via PayPal or  Venmo so far.


Where to find the Amazon Order ID?

To search your Amazon order history, open Amazon on the web, and click Orders in the top right corner. Just above your list of previous orders, you'll see a search box. Enter your search terms in this box and click Search Orders.

Also, Amazon will send you tracking information after your purchase and you can check the email from Amazon to find the order details.













Why is my order ID is invalid?

Please make sure your Amazon order ID is from 01012018 till now and the order’s status must be payment completed. Moreover, the Amazon order ID can only be used once.

Please make sure your website order ID is completely purchased and received.


Why does it not work when I click the buttons of cashback?

Please make sure if the browser you use has been updated to the newest version yet.

Also, we suggest you use Google Chrome or Firefox browser.


Why didn’t I receive the cashback payment?

It could be that you haven't' set up USD currency on your PayPal account so can't accept the payment.

You could open a USD currency on your PayPal account to solve the problem.

Here're the steps:

1.Go to Wallet ("Paypal Balance".

2.Click on “Add a currency”

3.Select the currency “USD”


If any question or problem, please contact us at