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About Us

What do we want to make?


We devote to manufacture products, the same quality as luxury brands, only at the expense of 20% more than walmart.

We hope to fill customer's wardrobes to meet their daily needs.


How did we produce the products?


  • Identifying customer's pain points through the internet big data.
  • Improving products by customer feedback.
  • Collaborating with fabric technology companies to research and develop advanced fabric.
  • Insisting on finding the best factories that also work with luxury brands.
  • Our F2C supply chain strives to ensure customers to receive products fast with a very low cost.


Our Technology


  • Free cutting

To reduce the restraint on the body caused by the sewing process, improving comfort, generally used in cuffs and hems.

  • Plush combed cotton

In the process of spinning, the plush combed cotton adds a delicate combing process to ensure that the fibers are neat, soft and long, and the fibers can be up to 64 mm long, which makes the cotton tougher, not easy to pilling, and the quality is more stable.

  • Odor-resistant

Quickly absorb moisture from invisible tiny water channels and evaporate it. It inhibits the skin from stickiness and sultry and keeps it comfortable to wear. Combining the comfort of natural fibers with the functionality of chemical fibers makes the fiber great at odor-resistant.

  • Quick dry

The quick-drying sports fabric technology adds special ingredients to the fabric fibers, making the fabric nearly 60% more hygroscopic than cotton.

  • Super stretch material

Four-way stretch fabric can produce up to 220% stretchability, has good resillence, hygroscopicity, and breathability, which can cope with daily activities and general sports training.

  • Moisture-absorption and heat-generating, Antibacterial and odor-resistant

The fabric is added with moisture-absorbing additive. When the fabric absorbs moisture, it generates heat and synchronously adds antibacterial dendorizing aid to inhibit the formation of harmful bacteria. It alsoeliminates body odor caused by sweating.

  • Selected superfine merino wool

Merino sheep are the best fine wool sheep in the world. Their hairs are of uniform quality, high in oil content, 60~80 quality branches, great elasticity, good heat preservation, soft, white color, good fit & permeability good felt ability, which makes it excellent for worsted, high-grade woolen.

  • Superfine denier

Superfine fiber with a diameter of below 20D, with luster as silk, good moisture absorption and sweat evaporation, more fluffy and softer than normal fiber

  • Waterproof

The clothes have excellent appearance, and also have the effects of water repellent and anti-staining like lotus leaves, which can effectively prevent water, oil stains, and stains from penetrating into the inner layer of fabric fibers, thereby keeping the fabrics dry for a long time.


Our Supply Chain


  • Well-known factories
  • F2C extra short supply chain
  • AI supply chain management the system, whch greatly cuts the costs and saves money for customers
  • Worldwide warehouse that enable customers to receive products within 4 days. Free shipping & convenient returns


Our Service


  • Six languages customer service team would respond within 24 hours, aiming at bringing you an excellent shopping experience.
  • Express your idea at the user community, We'll here listen to your voice to make the products you expect.